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26 May

Penn International VI……Product Review

Over the years, Penn reels have been synonymous with quality when it comes to saltwater fishing reels. This has lead them to be one of, if not the most recognized names in fishing today so I wanted to look at the top of their long and stellar line of reels. This means focusing on the “International” series. This is the line of fishing reels that are commonly locked away in the glass showcases. You know, the reels that nearly all angler’s mouths begin to water at the sight of them. It’s the reels that glitter with gold and have played many a leading role in fishing history. With that in mind I wanted to look at the latest and greatest when it came to Penn Internationals, so I checked out the International VI.

The first feature that jumps out at me is the great ergonomic design of the knob handles. It allows the angler to flatten out their wrist and lets you put a lot of cranking power on the reel. The handle design allows the angler to switch the gears easily from the handle without taking their hand off the knob. This reduces the danger of fumbling around when trying to go into low gear on a tough fish.

All models are available in gold and silver, and in addition to the big game reel sizes 30, 50, 70, 80 and 130, the PENN International VI series is also available in 12, 16 and 20 sizes. The VIS denotes two-speed, while there are also the VISX open-top models which boast a more aggressive drag curve for using heavier braided lines.

Another feature that got my attention is the new versa strike position. The strike button can be adjusted with a small flathead screwdriver in order to provide personal adjustment between strike and full. Depending on what kind of line class you’re fishing, and what you’re fishing for, that’s a very customizable setting that’s never been done on a lever drag reel. The fully machined stainless steel gear train in the PENN International VI series is the biggest in the business, with their Dura-Drag system resulting in smooth starts followed by sure and steady cranking under even the most extreme drag settings.

Again, Penn seems to have exceeded our expectation with solid construction and innovations with the fishing purest in mind. The Penn International VI is grounded with quality construction and completed with key features that make it well worth the investment. In today’s market the International series is no longer out of reach of the average angler, but instead bring the quality and features of a top shelve reel to the table with affordability while continuing to bring and even increase quality. Fisherman on a strict budget should even consider this reel prior to the purchase of others of similar size and class


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