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26 May

Soft Science Fishing Footwear….Product Review

December 16, 2018

For years I depended on the old Topsider type shoe for my go-to boating shoe. While I fit in with other fishermen and boaters when it came to style, the Topside type shoe had many drawbacks. First, I found that the stitching of the shoe rotted quickly due to the constant exposure to water. Worse yet, I always had a back ache because of the thin and poorly configured sole. I opted to start wearing running shoes with only little improvement. The first time I tried the Soft Science Fin shoe. The thick soft sole was a dream come true for a big guy like me. It was a great answer to the shock that a boat creates. Best of all the entire shoe is water resistant with no parts that were subject to rotting due to constant access to water.

This shoe is also designed to breathe with several ventilation holes strategically placed. Over these holes is a small screen that protects the ventilation openings from debris entering. Another benefit for big guys is the width of the shoe. All the shoes come in a wide profile that allow your foot to expand for greater comfort and ventilation. The soles are slip resistant for those days on the wet deck.

The Soft Science shoe is actually based on a scientific design that keep your feet level without any heel rise or drop. The soft sole reduces pressure on your foot’s power points and the sole’s contour allows for better weight distribution that extends your walk time. For a someone like me this feature is key. One of the best features is the wide shoe design that gives my foot plenty of room. I already have to search for extra wide shoe sizes, but with the Soft Science shoe, it’s already there. The shoe is designed with a generous toe-box that eliminates the cramping that other shoes create. The slip resistant soles are great for the boat and everyday wear. The colors range from the nautical blue, black, light gray, khaki as well as camo, red and sage green. The Soft Science shoe comes in many styles for both men and women, with slip on styles and lace up as well as zip up fishing boots and flip flops.

For me, the Soft Science concept is just what I had hoped for. It makes for a great boating shoe that is both safe and comfortable, that is durable and stands up to the brutal conditions that fishermen face. It’s also a good option for a causal shoe that looks and feels great. For the past few years “Sketchers” were my shoe of choice, but my Soft Science Fins are now the shoes for me. It addresses my back problems from years of bouncing on a boat and provides a wider shoe option. Best of all, the cost is comparable or even lower than most boat shoes.

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