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29 Sep

Marine Muscle…….7 Marine’s 575 HP Outboard

7Take a fuel injected marinized 6.2L supercharged small-block V8, managed by GM’s powerful MEFI 6 engine controller. Then put out 557 horsepower at the prop shaft. Then you hang a couple of them on the back of a boat and you you’ve just changed the sport of sport fishing. The 7 Marine engine brings “go fast” to outboards and in an understated way. Now you may think that these 557 HP muscle engines may get yardage rather than mileage, but you would be wrong. Running on 89 octane fuel, no premium is required. The engines are lighter than the more well known outboards and allows for greater allowance for weight versus speed. Another benefit is the sleek styling that sets the 7 Marine engine apart for the traditional marine engines more like the engines in a Batman movie. The engines are edging into the marine market on the back of boats like Hydra Sport. Pricing is even closer to the traditional outboard lines than you may think with a triple set up going for about $140,000.

It’s not your Grand Dad’s outboard, but who wants to get the Gulf Stream 6 hours rather than 45 minutes?

7 Marine Website

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