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13 May

Captain Jamie Rushing……Combining Passion, Skill and a Smile

Fishing guides and charter captains come from diverse backgrounds. Many are second and third generation fishermen and others like myself came from backgrounds that were far away from from the fishing roots that many guides enjoy. Captain Jamie Rushing of Wilmington, North Carolina’s Seagate Charter Serimage11vice comes from a unique past. As a native of Winston Salem, he spent many days fishing with his father on the Cape Fear Coast in his dad’s 1967 Simmons Sea Skiff. A classic boat once made in Wilmington and still in use today by the Rushing family. Jamie also spent many days fishing off the Crystal pier to satisfy his fishing habit. But the unique past comes into play when Jamie reached adulthood and realized that in addition to fishing that he had a passion for cooking. He attended culinary arts school and soon worked in prominent restaurants like “Jerry’s” and “The Wilmington city Club” as a chef. This a passion that remains today. Over time Jamie found a way to share and enjoy his love of fishing and cooking.

Jamie started his fishing career as a deck hand on charter boats in Wrightsville Beach. This path took him to the well known “Whipsaw” charter boat which is the oldest operating charter boat in North Carolina and the starting point for many Coastal Carolina fishing professionals. He then moved to the small Bertram sportfishing boat named “Squid Row” which is where I met him for the first time. Looking back on those days, I can only remember a young kid with a big smile and pony tail that loved to fish no matter what boat he was on. While working on “Squid Row”, owner Captain Roger Heubach offered to pay for Jamie’s tuition to Captain’s School which allowed him to run charters himself. A gesture that Jamie is still grateful for today. After working for a private boat owner in 2005, he took the leap in 2006 and purchased a Sea Pro Bay Boat  and opened his own charter Fattiesservice. He currently fishes over 200 days a year and specializes in near shore fishing for flounder, drum , trout and stripers.  And 10 years later still fishes from the deck of that same classic Sea Pro Bay Boat.

Jamie has proven to be a total professional with his continuing dedication to the area fishing industry. He serves as an inspiration as to the skills and integrity of the latest generation of fishing professionals. Over the years Jamie has enjoyed a successful career as a charter captain. He’s known for his polite, upbeat outlook and overall positive approach to life. That same big smile that I remember seeing nearly 20 years ago is still there today. The only difference is the absence of the pony tail and the recent arrival of  a few gray hairs. He’s always been a friend of Coastal Carolina Fisherman e-Magazine and contributes much in the way of fishing information and seminars to the website and the area fishing community.

By: Captain Tim Wilson


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