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20 Jun

Topsail Island, NC……Fisherman’s and Family Paradise

Topsail Beach is the fishing paradise for the family fisherman that wants to enjoy the fishing experience without the crowded streets and waterways that many prominent beach locations endure. The fishing experience is centered largely around pier and surf fishing as well Privateeras a light tackle fishing in the many creeks and estuaries that surround the island. Kayak fishing is becoming increasingly popular and even has locations where kayak rentals are available along with area fishing advice.  Topsail features a number of options that can provide the right bait and tackle for your fishing outing. Best of all, the island’s tackle shops are all staffed with local fishing experts that take pride in sharing their fishing knowledge that comes from generations of fishing the waters that surround Topsail.

Because of the islands pristine water clarity and quality many fish species make Topsail Island. Fresh shrimp are a staple at area restaurants and also serve as a great attractant for many popular fish being caught. Local and visiting fishermen fish for red drum, speckled trout and flounder in the creeks and inlets and Spanish and King mackerel, Bluefish and many other species from the surf and piers. Charter fishing is also available for those fishermen that would like to fish off the beach or make a trip to the gulf stream which is just a few hours away. Many visiting anglers simply enjoy the relaxation of a leisure day of surf fishing while the rest of family enjoys the waves nearby. This allows them to enjoy family time while still doing the things they want to do.All_In_Charters

Topsail Island has a unique history that only dates back to the beginning of World War II when the only visitors were a small number of fishermen and vacationers that made the trip over the Intracostal Waterway by boat. Only a few structures existed for fishermen and vacationers preferring the more rustic environment. During the war, the first bridge was installed as a floating bridge over the waterway. It was built to allow the United States Navy access to conduct guided missile test. A number of the original missile tracking towers can still be seen along the beach. An important part of the history is also about the longtime residents of Topsail Island. Many have owned businesses such as the fishing piers, tackle shops and other shops for generations. They take great pride in their island and it shows in the way they greet you and serve you. The pride they hold for their paradise is best seen in their effort to make every visitor happy and desire to make them love Topsail as much as they do.

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