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20 Jun

Following the SKA Fishing Trail ….Tournament 2 and Another Win

We continue to follow “Team Backlash”  as they  make their way along the the Southern Kingfish Association  (SKA)13692600_10208348647385534_7339648103971683368_n fishing trail to Wrightsville Beach, NC. for the S.H.A.R.E. King Mackerel Tournament. Team Backlash has been racking up points and now leads the SKA single engine division.

Friday (Captain’s Meeting Day)

The team made their way to Captain’s meeting to complete the registration process and receive their participant bucket of swag. Then they enjoy a great dinner of BBQ, seafood and other wonderful dishes as they enjoy the company of the other competitors.

Saturday (First Day of Fishing)

Team Backlash heads out of Bogue Inlet early to find bait. The seas are rough and bait is hard to find. After several attempts enough bait was in the boat to start fishing. The conditions made it hard to keep the baits in the water and maintain a good track. At the end of the day, no fish of a competitive size was brought to the boat.

Sunday (Last Day of Fishing)

Conditions are much improved with seas a little bumpy, but continue to get better as the day and the fishing progresses. Team Backlash find bait early and start fishing shortly after 8:00 am just off of Topsail. Just 10 minutes after “lines out” they get hit with the first fish of the day. That fish turned out to a be a 20.2 pound King Mackerel. The team spent the rest of the day trying to boat a bigger fish with no success, but the fish they caught was the largest in the Single Engine class. This means Team Backlash make their second consecutive win of the 2016 SKA season.

Season Total 

60.20 Points in the Single Engine Division. The team leads their nearest competitor by nearly 30 points.

Next Week

Fishing the Raleigh Saltwater Sport Fishing Club King Mackerel Tournament

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