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20 Jun

The Sinking of Sport-Fishing Boat Cause

On a recent episode of Wicked Tuna OBX, a sport-fishing boat that was fishing near the Wicked Tuna Fleet suddenly started taking on water. TheWaste Knot 1 nearby fleet rushed to the boat’s aid and the passengers were safely removed. The question that was left unanswered by the show was… “what caused the sinking and what happened to the boat.”

For the answers, we went to Captain Stuart Westcott of Sea Tow Oregon Inlet. Stuart told us the Waste Knot was the name of the vessel that sank. It is thought that the boat hit a large underwater object, possibly a shipping container that may have fallen off of a passing ship. The object hit the boat’s rudders, forcing them to penetrate the hull and allowing the seas to enter at a high rate. The hull of the boat ended up on a nearby beach 3 days later.

We’re glad for the safe return of the Waste Knot Captain and crew and hope to see them on the water again soon.

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