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20 Jun

Sea Pro 208 Bay….Boat Review

September 21, 2016

Sea Pro Is back with a new approach. While the boat name is the same its place in the fishing boat market has gone up a notch or two. The makers of the Sea Prosea-pro-on-water line are calling this “The Next Wave”. The company is owned by Jimmy Hancock and Preston Wren. Both men are well-known names in boat manufacturing with each having extensive boat building experience. Sea Pro’s “New Wave” takes the boat line to a community of fishermen beyond that of the previous builders. It’s obvious that the current line is built with a greater focus on detail and enhanced features. The entire Sea Pro line has received widespread feedback on its great ride and quality, thus allowing it to compete with boat lines the previous Sea Pro builders could not compete with.

One of the leading models of this wave is the Sea Pro 208 Bay. This is a great boat for the fishing purist due to its practical, yet beautiful design. It addresses head on the wants and needs of today’s avid light tackle fisherman with clean lines and an astounding menu of features and options. These features are one of the many things that place the Sea Pro Bay ahead of the mid-range pack and place square in direct competition with heavy hitters in the Bay Boat community when it comes to sheer quality and fish-ability.
sea-pro-consoleThe first thing that will impress you is the ride on the boat. It’s both dry and smooth. Even for those sloppy days when you want to sneak out the inlet in pursuit of something bigger, this boat will bring you back dry and safe. The high capacity deck drains keep the water off the deck and in the ocean while the hand laid hull takes the brunt of the pounding. I particularly like the fact that the boat has no wood within the structure, especially the transom. This prevents rotting due the impact of moisture finding its way through cracks and crevices in the fiberglass and gel coat. The 61-gallon fuel tank holds plenty of fuel to feed the maximum 200 HP Mercury engine that will push through rough water or quickly on flat water. The 12” draft works double duty to take the angler in the skinny water without a bump or moving comfortably in the ocean in rough conditions.

In the fishisea-pro-jump-seat-3ng department, the Sea Pro 208 Bay is a fishing machine. One of the things I like the most about the boat’s commitment to avid fishermen the more than ample casting deck space. While many bay boats brag about plenty of walk-around room, the 208 Bay gives the angler plenty of room to work without bumping into the other guys. In the stern, part of the casting deck can be converting into a jump seat and dry storage with an easy pull. I got to say that one of the features that impress me the most is the LED lighting. The live well is lit for those early mornings and nights of great fishing and allows the angler to avoid having to fumble for bait.The under the gunwale lighting provides safety and is just outright cool.

Overall the Sea Pro 208 Bay is one of the most impressive small bay boats out there today. Jimmy Hancock and Preston Wren confirmed to the boating industry that they can again build a winner. This is definitely a boat that the competitors will have to recon with and true sportsmen will want to fish with.

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