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29 Sep

Super Insulated Cooler by Dry Case….Product Review

September 29, 2016

Like most anglers, I’ve been on the hunt for a cooler that is both affordable and can extend the life of my ice beyond a few snows-cutt_600x600-e1470170302965hours on a hot day. Over the years I’ve bought coolers with varied designs, with the same disappointing results. A few years ago, I started investigating the new line of coolers with the thicker insulation. The 40L Yeti is $400 which was far beyond my budget.

Then, a fewcooler-backpack-straps_600x305 months ago I ran across the Snows Cut Super Insulated Cooler by Dry Case.  I was intrigued not only with the claims of how long the cooler would preserve ice, but also at the uniqueness of the cooler. This was definitely not a “copycat”. I was impressed at first glance with the cooler’s design and multiple features. These features included an extra external cooler pocket for sandwiches or a handy beer and a pocket for a mobile device that allows full view of the device in the event I want to play a modrycasesc_hdrvie, view a ball game  or text without taking their phone out into harm’s way. Like most soft side coolers the Snows Cut cooler doesn’t have zippers. The zipper closure has been replaced by folding the top of the cooler down and then securing it with the straps on the front and back. This concept is used  to better seal the cooler and avoid the cool air to escape via the zipper, thus allowing the Snows Cut cooler to greatly extend the life of the ice. Attached, I also found a small vacuum hose to remove the air from the cooler that will extend the life of the ice even more.

I love the many additional features on the cooler, like the backpack option that is removable and a shoulder strap option for shorter trips. It even has a neat bottle opener on one of the straps. The Snows Cut cooler comes in 2 colors. My favorite is the light gray but it also comes in a camo edition for the hunter in you. The cooler can easily hold 48 cans and ice. The extra wide opening makes it easy to load and unload the cooler and the drain valve located on the lower portion of the cooler allows me to drain the water, keeping my ice solid longer.cooler-storage_600x305

Now here’s the great part. The Snows Cut cooler can extend the life of your ice up to 8 days!!! I tried it myself and on the 6th day,  my ice was still holding its own. The following 2 days it started to get a little slushy, but still keeps my beverage ice cold. When finished, I simply wipe the cooler down inside and out, collapse it and put it on a shelf or even hang it on the wall. The price is a fraction of those other coolers that take up more space as well as far more awkward to carry. It covers all my travel needs, reduces my ice cost and best of all, keeps my contents ICE COLD and all for a much smaller investment. Never mind the coolers making incredible claims. The Dry Case, Snows Cut Super Insulated Cooler does the job and then some without the big price tag.

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Product Review By: Tim Wilson




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