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30 Sep

Penn Carnage II Rods….Product Review

Today’s reels are smaller and lighter with greater drag pressures, and are often spooled with braided line. The PENN Carnage II rods match these reels with a lighter rod, built from top-of-line components and featuring slower actions for better shock absorption.

The basis of the Carnage II begins with SLS3 small composite blank construction. Graphite fibers on the inside and outside of the blank sandwich the inner layers of carbon and glass. The resulting lightweight rod is stronger and thinner with better balance necessary for use with lighter reels. We’ve also added sculpted non-slip grips.

Contributing to the rod’s functionality with braided line are Fuji® K guides with Alconite inserts and modern-designed Pacific Bay® (Fuji on the surf models) aluminum reel seats. 11 surf offerings are available in the new Carnage II lineup.

Clash reel provides power and reliability for big fights. This is possible with Penn’s new SLS3 rod blank that sandwiches a carbonfiber and glass blank with layers or graphite. The rod has a slower action for improved lifting power and more shock absorption to take the abuse of big fish and low-stretch braided line.

The ground-breaking blank is complimented with high-quality components. Fuji Alconite guides are rock solid and super smooth to resist the high pressure and high temperature produced by braided line being pulled off the reel by a powerful fish. One of the most popular component is the PacBay aluminum reel seat that keeps the reel from slipping or spinning during a knockdown, drag-out fish fight without adding weight or bulk to the package.

The Penn Carnage II is a great “go-to” reel when it comes to heavier fish like cobia, bull reds and other bigger species. It has proven to have designed with the bigger fish in mind. For many anglers it requires moving to the next level on cost, but it’s an investment that will provide much improved results and takes your fishing to the next level and beyond.


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