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20 Jun

You’re Gonna Blog?


Thanks for checking out my blog last week. Like I mentioned in the previous post, this week I wanted to tell you how the Coastal Carolina Fisherman e-Magazine came into existence as well as what we strive to accomplish. Since this is a blog and not a novel I’ll keep it short.

The original thought came on a day that one of parent company’s clients ask me to approach a fishing magazine regarding the high cost of their advertising. Our client had been in advertising for a number of years and needed to reduce their marketing costs. The magazine editor was quick to respond with no cooperation and told me that if my client didn’t like the rates he had plenty of advertisers that would take their space. This response alone and knowing that print advertising had limits and the inability to reach beyond the immediate coast, and the fact it required readers to find access to the publications, lead me to think. I thought a fishing information source that would provide fishing stories and tips as well as current information would be a great alternative to the limited ways of print. So, in 2013 Brian Tucker of Impact Media and Tim Wilson started the Coastal Carolina Fisherman e-Magazine. Over the years we have continued to grow thanks to you (our website guest) and also due to our email updates that provide you with information on the latest fishing news on our website. We also believe our astounding growth is driven by our effort to move away from mainstream reporting and bring you tips and stories from around the entire country. This is combined with our seminar and webinar series to bring great fishing instruction to you firsthand. We’ll continue to change and improve Coastal Carolina Fisherman e-Magazine to better suit your needs.

Coastal Carolina Fisherman e-Magazine Facts:

· We send approximately 750,000 emails to fisherman in the Carolinas each year regarding our latest story updates. Each email goes to 15,000 fishermen in the Carolinas.

· Many times, thanks to our email updates, our website will receive up to 1,000 visits in a single day.

· We add at least 6 new stories every week to the website.

· We receive stories and tips from over 23 contributing writers.

· We provide over 25 seminars and webinars each year.

· Nearly half of the website content is digital, such as interviews and video.ex


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