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29 Sep

ICON Coolers………A New Level Of Cold

Based in Wilmington NC, ICON Coolers proudly sources and manufacturers its line of roto-molded ice chests and various cooler accessories here in the U.S. Classic coastal styling and common-sense functionality best describe their cooler line-up.

Their three sizes of ices chest include the ICON 32 (SMALL – approx. 29 qt.), the ICON 50 (MEDIUM – approx. 55 qt.) and the ICON 75 (LARGE – approx. 77 qt.), and were designed to fit neatly in most watercraft either in front of consoles or beneath leaning posts.

The coolers’ sleek exterior designs and flush mounted, metal-free components mean less weight over-all, less effects from corrosion, and less chances to get snagged on the coolers whether you’re fishing or just moving them around. Another great feature, their “wide-open” lids fall back and open from 90 degrees to a max of 140 degrees to avoid accidental lid closures while accessing contents.

Removable lid gaskets mean cleaning out that fishy smell that tends to hide in the gaskets is now a breeze. Just use a little dish soap and warm water to clean, dry and replace. Self-draining bottoms and drain plugs (dual plugs on ICON 75) add to the convenience.

All of the coolers sport oversized non-skid feet to keep them in place even when empty. Tie down ports are molded-in to the body however in the event you get into really rough conditions, and just in case you run into a bear out on the water, they have lid lock ports to keep you catch locked in and safe from attack.

ICON offers its various coolers (ICON 32 & ICON 50) in and array of colors to suit those with a wider color pallet. The ICON 75 is currently available in Bonefish White and Ice White.

American Made roto-molded quality at a price comparably lower than most similar foreign made brands:

ICON 32 MSRP – $259.99 / ICON 50 MSRP – $329.99 / ICON 75 MSRP – $399.99

ICON has partnered exclusively with SeaDek® to offer a custom line of USA Made traction pads for the lids to make sure you stay properly put when using the cooler as a step, seat, or poling or site casting platform.

ICON 32 SEADEK® MSRP – $69.99 / ICON 50 SEADEK® MSRP – $99.99 / ICON 75 SEADEK® MSRP – $109.99

The ICON DIBY is an all-new multi-tool for your cooler from ICON Coolers. Designed, sourced and manufactured here at home, the bin is designed to give you the control necessary to efficiently keep beverages, bait, catch or dry goods colder and fresher for longer periods than is possible using conventional ice alone.

The system was created to provide better control over cooling processes inside ice chests without being dependent on conventional ice by effectively harnessing the power of dry ice.

According to ICON, the DIBY maintains temperatures between 33 F to 39 F (Fridge Mode) for 48 hours or more, or temperatures between 12 F to 24 F (Freezer Mode) for 24 hours or more using 10lbs of dry ice.

To use in Fridge Mode, simply rest the ICON DIBY below the cooler lid, insert the dry ice in the featured sleeve, place it in the DIBY, and close the lid. For Freezer Mode, simply put the dry ice directly in the DIBY without using the sleeve and close the lid. In addition to its fridge and freezer capabilities, the system incorporates a cutting board lid and can also be used as a bait tray or dry goods bin.

The DIBY’s multi-use platform affords you true versatility, making your cooler perform better and stay cool longer while saving your time and money every time you use it by reducing or eliminating the need to resupply conventional ice. You can also reduce the weight of your cooler and free usable space by using less or no conventional ice for a clean, dry cool that drastically curbs the potential for bacterial growth. On the other hand, for those of you who take an extra cooler along on long trips just for ice, DIBY will extend the life of your conventional ice supply 4 to 6 days – perfect for long excursions or extended back country trips.

In short, the DIBY means better performance, more space, less weight, and saving money.

The ICON DIBY currently fits the ICON 50 and ICON 75 as well as a long and growing list of other popular similar-size cooler makes and models. The company plans on introducing a larger size for larger makes and models this year.


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