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14 May

Coastal Cocktail Creation…..Bloody Mary With Steamed Shrimp

The Bloody Mary has been a mainstay in the world of cocktails since it was first created at New York’s Club 21. Since then there have been numerous variations, but most of the original ingredients remain the same. They include tomato juice, horseradish and vodka. On the Carolina coast the Bloody Mary has an added twist that captures the true essence of our southern living. This version combines the best of traditional Bloody Mary ingredients served in a glass with Old Bay seasoning on the rim that has been moistened with a lime and complemented with a generous portion of steamed shrimp and a celery stalk.

This concoction takes the old Bloody Mary to an all new level. Imagine sitting on the screen porch after a great day of fishing and slowly sipping on this Southern treasure. It combines the smooth acidic taste of tomato, the bite of a fresh lime with the spicy spark of Old Bay and the smoothness of the vodka with the sweet taste of the local shrimp. What a way to enjoy the early evening. Be careful, they’re as additive as they are delicious.


What you’ll need:
• Vodka
• Bloody Mary Mix
• Old Bay Seasoning
• Jumbo shrimp
• Cocktail onion
• Cherry tomato
• Pickled green tomato garnish

How to:

• Moisten the rim of the glass with a fresh lime and apply Old Bay Seasoning

• In a large shaker, combine Bloody Mary Mix and Vodka with ice

• Garnish with jumbo shrimp, cocktail onion and cherry and pickled green tomatoes


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