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20 Jun

Not Ready For the “Last Cast” Yet…..Captain’s Blog

The summer days have left us as quickly as they came. What seems like moments ago we held our breath while the fish came closer and closer to our salty waters and within the striking distance of our first cast of the fishing season. A season that was filled with great catches and great stories, but even greater memories. You know, the memories that can be found on our walls, on our desk and more recently in our phones and computers. Most importantly they can be found in the safest place of all….our minds.
As summer moves quietly out of the way of fall we can suddenly realize that the fishing and those memories will not end. Fall brings the crisp cool days of the best Speckled Trout and Redfishing for the year. It also moves toward the time of year when we again pursue the Striper, always an elusive challenger. While many species are heading for warmer water, the fish of our precious Carolina Coast stay with us. They are as loyal to us as Carolina football, with names that are near and dear to our hearts. They are the fish that we love to pursue. The Drum, the Striper and the Trout. So don’t give up on your passion yet. Instead, grab a warm jacket and hot cup of coffee and drift slowly in the shallows and creeks like many anglers before you. They are there. The gold fish with the black spots and the sliver ones with spots as well and even the silver ones with the black stripes. They’re waiting on you. The days of making memories are not yet over. They are only over when the last cast is made and there’s still time for many more casts.

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