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20 Jun

The 2018 Fishing Season…….Another Chance

The appearance of the warmer weather can only mean that the meat of the 2018 fishing season is almost here. As our fishing years continue to pass on, many of us see the coming season as another chance. And what is that chance? Well, it’s a chance of many things that are near or should be near and dear to our hearts. It could be another chance from making more time to fish rather than staying in the office late during the week or working on Saturdays. This chance allows us to take advantage of a few precious hours that will help us relax and decompress. I think we all share in the hope to catch the big one(s). You know the one(s) that grace our office or living room wall and remind us that for a few moments in time we won the battle of patience, strategy and tactics to defeat our opponent. That chance is very much the same as another chance to be a better angler; at being better prepared, better at knowing the habits of the fish we’re pursing and better at taking advantage of that fish’s weaknesses.

More importantly, we get another chance to savor time with our friends and families in a place we enjoy… the water. A number of years ago when I was new to both fishing and boating, I took my wife on a boat ride. The purpose of that ride was to get her buy-in to boating as well as fishing. We puttered around the Wrightsville Beach area for a few hours and had a nice lunch at a waterside restaurant and just enjoyed the beautiful day. On the way back to dock later that day, my wife smiled and told me that she really believed she would like boating and fishing. I asked why. She told me that all the people she had seen that day on the water were smiling so it had to be a great place to be. She was right and she’s been smiling on the water for 25 years. She smiles the most knowing what fishing and the water means to me and never complained a single moment about the time spent pursing my passion for the sport.

For me, it’s another chance to fish with my 5 year old grandson. Fishing with him is a privilege. It’s time that is precious and priceless. It helps me get to know him better and share a skill that my grandfather passed on to me while fishing the ponds in the foothills of North Carolina. It’s a chance for me to wind down and learn how to be patient with him and become his friend as well as his grandfather. It’s also a chance to build childhood memories for him and lifetime memories for me. Most of all it’s a chance to grow old  gracefully in his eyes and for him to grow strong in mine.

So, as the 2018 fishing kicks off, make sure you don’t miss your chance. In this old world you never know how many more times you have to go out the inlet.

Fish hard and live long!

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