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13 Jul

The Fishing Hack…Hook Holder

Finding ways to make life easier is always great, especially when it comes to fishing. Sometimes the biggest problems we face come from the smallest things like not being able to keep your hook in place.

Tom Lusk from NZ Fishing World shares a great fishing hack on how to keep your hook from releasing and bouncing around where you don’t want it with a simple household item.

Hook holders

For some reason, rod manufacturers no longer include the very useful hook holders that used to be a feature of virtually every rod ever produced. The absence of these holders can make safe hook storage tricky when moving between spots. One option is to secure your hook to the first, largest eye on the rod. Any jiggle of the rod, however, can release the hook, allowing it to flail about and bury itself where it’s not wanted.

A medium-sized rubber band does an excellent job because its elasticity allows the hook a lot of movement, even if it is a heavy softbait jighead. This is useful if you’re on a bouncing boat, or pushing your way through undergrowth. Simply loop the rubber band through itself twice at the base of the rod blank where it enters the handle, and you’re away. Experiment a bit with the best rubber band size for your needs. The best ones for me are about 2mm across, with a diameter of around 50mm.

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