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19 Apr

Spanish Mackerel Fishing On the Light Side

Most of us have fished for Spanish Mackerel by using the traditional way of trolling with Clark spoons and the matchbook planners. Captain Kai Williams of Hilton Head has new twist to fishing for those fun to catch Spanish.

He locates an underwater structure and starts chumming. He places a chum bag behind the boat and then throws crippled live bait around the chum slick to create added activity. Soon the Spanish begin to appear looking for more. At this time he cast into the school of fish that at just arrived for dinner. Using a medium action rod with a 3000 spinning reel which is far lighter than the traditional gear used for Spanish fishing. His rig includes live bait on a wire stinger rig to tooth proof the rig from the razor sharp teeth of the Spanish. The rig is tied to a 3’ length of 30 pound test fluorocarbon and then to his 15 pound braided line.

Now the fun begins. He just cast behind the boat waiting on the fish to strike the crippled hooked bait. In most cases you’ll have a strike within seconds and catching Spanish Mackerel on light tackle is a blast due to the reaction and speed of the fish. The bi-catch is also goo with other species like Blues and King Mackerel coming to the party. It’s a great way to change things up and breaks the monotony of trolling. It also serves as another example of how today’s new fisherman are thinking outside the box.


Contributing Writer:

Captain Kai Williams

Awesome Adventure Charters, Hilton Head, SC

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