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19 Apr

Picking The Best Spots For Redfish

How did you pick this spot? What makes this better than another? Those are not always easy questions to answer because trial and quite often determines when and where I fish. There are a couple of things that I find come into play when finding a new location for redfish.

Structure has to be the greatest factor that comes into play when finding a great redfish location. Rocks, oysters, and docks tend to hold bait which in turn has the potential to hold redfish. However, as so many of you have seen not all rocks, oysters and docks are the same. The  next factor that comes into play when finding a great redfish location is depth.

Depth near structure is huge. I find that fish tend to hold more around structure when there is a depth change close by. Usually when a fish can drop off into deep water quickly, you find more fish in those areas. Docks and oyster beds with deeper water around them will tend to hold redfish. The next and final factor that goes into finding a good redfish location is, what’s on the bottom. What’s on the bottom plays a huge factor into where redfish like to congregate. Too often we find ourselves focused on what is above the water, and find ourselves saying, “Oh that looks fishy.” But is it really fishy? Finding places structure on the bottom is key to a good redfish spot. It is important to spend some time trying to find areas that have some sort of structure on the bottom. Keep in mind that it is not always what is on top of the water.

Finding a new redfish spot can be rather difficult sometimes, but if you spend some time on the water trying near areas and looking for depth and structure you will find yourself to be rather successful.

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