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Pathfinder 2400 TRS….Boat Review

September 6, 2018

The Pathfinder 2400 TRS is one of those new breed of boats that masters the art of double or even triple duty. It comes with the creature comforts that are required of the family with the serious fishability demand of the purest angler. Then they’ve thrown in the ability for the boat to be a stealthy inshore boat with the design and construction to fill the bill as a nearshore and offshore boat. The boat continues the Pathfinder tradition of a great ride in somewhat sloppy conditions. It’s knife-like effect moves easily through the swells with a certain amount of security. When running in skinning water the boat seems to ride on top of the water rather than through it. It can transit across 18 inch or less conditions like a champ.

The more than ample 8’6” beam allows for easy movement around the console, which is a key concern of a guy my size. Another benefit and improvement is the wider gunwales. This a much appreciated change. The boats higher sides adds a safety factor for those that favor nearshore and offshore fishing as well as increased safety for children passengers.n Slipping on a narrow gunwale is always a concern especially when the need to reach onto the T-top for rods or to adjust an antenna or outrigger arises. The 3 livewells are complete with high volume pumps, and a sea strainer option is also available. The quick change cartridges make for easy removal and cleaning. Like most Pathfinders, there is a lot of storage space and the 2400 TRS is no different. It’s even better when it’s a dry storage space thanks to the gaskets that are now installed. No matter if you’re storing rods and tackle or beach towels, the compartments keep the contents dry.

All and all the Pathfinder 2400 TRS is a great boat, especially for the serious angler. You notice I didn’t mention too many of the bells and whistles of the boat. I believe that too many of today’s boat builders have become more concerned with the toys of the boat than that of the fitness, quality and overall experience. Bells and whistles are cheap for the most part, but quality and the best boating experience come with real boat building know-how and that is apparent in this boat. There are cheaper boats out there, but few with the bones and great boating experience as the Pathfinder 2400 TRS. It gives me what I need and more as an angler of 30 years. That’s confidence and versatility and the best fishing platform….plan and simple.

For More Information Contact: Starling Marine (252) 247-6667


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