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08 Aug

Plano Z-Series Tackle Bag……Product Review

September 6, 2018

The new Plano Z-Series Tackle bag system, finally a tackle bag that fits my fast paced days  on the water; when the bite is on, you must be ready! Designed to give unobstructed, worry-free access to your gear, zipperless Z-Series bags eliminate frustrating failures that are common in many traditional zipper bags. These technically superior bags incorporate a durable, water-resistant coating and fast-entry, splash-resistant openings – so you can grab what you need without ever missing a bite.

The Plano Z-series comes in four different styles of tackle bags. A 3600 size, 3700 size, a tackle backpack and a lure wrap style.

The Z-series 3600 Tackle bag comes with five 3600 Series Stowaway Utility Boxes and the 3700 Tackle bag comes with five 3700 Series Stowaway Utility Boxes. Both bags are equipped with these features.

* Zipperless design

* High-Performance TPE-coated waterproof fabric

* Gusseted top closes neatly and securely with buckles

* Two side pockets with secure closures

* Front and back mesh slip pockets with hook-and-loop closures

* Plano-exclusive Utili-Tackle Rail System & molded waterproof base

I use one 3600 and one 3700 Z-series for my guiding service. I use the 3600 size for my terminal tackle; hooks, weights, leader material, wire and other miscellaneous rigging gear. I have my 3700 size loaded with all of my lures; jigs, soft plastics, hard lures, jig heads spoons etc. Since I’m an inshore and near shore guide I use a lot of different fishing tackle each day. This is the reason I really like that the 3700 z-series has five 3700 size Stowaway boxes. Plenty of room for all kinds of lures for all fishing scenarios and seasons I fish.

I really like the Utili-Tackle Rail System with a molded waterproof base. Raining, sea spray or wet deck no problem; a fully water proof and slide resistant base. When you’re running to your favorite fishing spot or running and gunning to busting fish; no sliding tackle bags! I think the Kayak angler will enjoy the features of the Z-series as well as the boat angler.

The Z-series Tackle Backpack has Four 3700 Series Stowaway utility boxes and these features.

* Zipperless design

* High-performance TPE-coated waterproof fabric

* Comfortable adjustable shoulder straps feature one mesh slip pocket and one tool holder

* Cinch-cord top provides complete closure of main compartment, further secured by buckles and hook-and-loop closure

* Wrap-style front pocket secured by buckles and hook-and-loop provides quick, see-through access to contents

* Two exterior side pockets secure with buckles

* One additional tool holder and one additional pocket beneath front flap

The Z-series Lure Wrap is equipped with features.

* Zipperless design

* High-performance TPE-coated waterproof fabric

* Efficient pack-and-roll design

* Six 6″ x 14.75″ clear compartments for quick identification of contents

* HDPE D-rings for hanging

* Sturdy carry handle

All of the Z-series Tackle Bags & wrap come in a great looking stylish and modern Kryptek Raid pattern. The colors in this pattern look gray and black with a nice bright blue line on all the edges and closers. Check out the Z-series and all of Plano’s tackle systems at http://www.planomolding.com/

If your local tackle shop doesn’t have the Z-series, tell you want one!


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