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14 May

Rod Glove….Product Review

November 29, 2018

As fisherman we spend so much on products and tools necessary to catch fish, and hopefully more of them! Rod Glove is one of those products that is almost necessary to every angler. Whether you’re transporting the rod in the back of the truck or sliding it into a rod holder on your skiff the Rod Glove protects. Helps to keep from bending and breaking the guides on your rod and makes sliding into a under-gunwale rod holder so much easier. Being that they are mesh you can easily rinse down your rods without having to take off the sleeve. To me, a product under $10 that protects my investment is a no brainer.


The Rod Glove epitomizes simple, straightforward functionality. The “Tapered Tip” design and tough, high-quality material used in its construction mean that the Rod Glove is easy to use, and appears to be very durable. With a selection of 21 colors, not only can you personalize your Rod Glove to suit your tastes, but you can also color code to better organize your fishing rod collection.

It has multiple purposes that will increase the life of your rods such as:

  • Organizing Rod Lockers
  • Co-Anglers
  • Eliminating Tangles
  • Organizing Your Rods By Color

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