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08 May

Fishing For Offshore Winter Flounder

December 17, 2018

Who says flounder fishing is just for warmer weather? Captain Ray Dixon of Carolina Beach, North Carolina begs to differ. With the recent hurricane the negative impact to the water quality, Ray found that heading out the inlet to the nearshore and offshore structure locations proved to be a great option for winter time flounder fishing. What offshore fishing loses in the size of fish it makes up in the number of fish and the extended season. This is due the fact that flounder will generally migrate out of the creeks and inlets when the colder water temps arrive. With that in mind you have to find a minimum of 55 degrees water temps, temps around the 60-58 degree range are even better. Anything any cooler will most likely be a waste of time. First check out the sea surface temperature map for your area. These maps are easy to find on line and most are free. The best option is the one from Rutgers University. Just click on the area you need and get an idea when the warm water is and then align it with you GPS underwater structure locations.

You make have to go 20 to 25 miles offshore or may find the right temps as close as 15 mile off the beach. Rig up with a Carolina rig with a 1 -1 and ½ ounce sinker and your ready to go. Pinfish and Croakers make great baits. Remember that while a pinfish looks pretty big compared to a Flounder’s mouth, the Flounder has a trans-axle jaw and hand larger baits.

So, dress warm, find the warmer water and bring them in. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can have Flounder of dinner tonight.

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