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08 Aug

Pathfinder 2200 Tournament Edition…….Product Review

The Pathfinder 2200 Tournament Edition may be the best light tackle boat to ever hit the water. While the 22 foot seems to be a bit smaller than the trend of bigger bay boats, the Pathfinder 2200  is packed with features that the purest fisherman will appreciate. With 9’ under gunwale storage space, built for  both the spinning and fly rod fisherman, allows more rods to be stowed instead of tying up valuable deck or rod holder space. For a big guy like me, I love the massive casting areas fore and aft. This is combined with the great engine placement tucked in around the aft deck. This feature also provides more deck space on the sides of the engine area.

The console is set back to make for a great ride by allowing the bow to absorb the impact of the chop. I found this boat to be a great combination of functionality along with the well known Pathfinder quality. One example of the functionality is the 95 gallons of livewells that make it possible for live bait to be on board, even on the busiest of fishing days. The reduced width of the well designed console only adds more deck space and easier movement around the console. Definitely another advantage for big guys like myself.

I found the fishability to be just as impressive as the boat’s design. It’s certainly a skinny water boat that can also handle the chop of the bigger bodies of water and nearshore fishing. With a draft of just 11” and a beam of 8’6” you get the best of both worlds. The sleek hull allows the boat to rocket through the water at speeds that far exceed most boats in its class. The ride is smooth and the handling is spot on. When taking turns at high speeds, the Pathfinder 2200 Tournament Edition breeds confidence and feels safe. The fit and finish is unparalleled, which has always been part of Pathfinder’s business model .

When I balanced out my pro’s and con’s on this boat, the list is long on pro’s with no con’s to be dealt with. It’s hard to find something wrong with a fishing boat that’s fast, well rigged and build for the angler that wants the best there is. While the boat is not the lowest price within the bay boat market, you must realize that you just can’t get this level of fishability at a cheap price. Best of all you can have your boat built to your specific needs with their long list of options. These options include engine size, anchor systems, electronics and more.

The Pathfinder 2200 Tournament Edition is not for everyone, but it’s surely for the avid fisherman that is serious about light tackle fishing and wants the best equipment to do it with.


  • Beam: 8’6”
  • Draft: 11”
  • Fuel capacity: 55 gallons
  • LOA: 22’ 2”
  • Maximum person / weight: 7 person or 1400 lbs.
  • Maximum hp: 3075 lbs. (w/VF200)


For More Information Contact:

Starling Marine at: 252-247-6667


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