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14 Aug

Today’s Latest Fishing Tech

February 15, 2019

We have always thought that the fish had the home-field and basically the overall advantage. They have the element of surprise in most cases as well as the advantage of seeing us before we see them. We also stand in our environment of noise and bright light and try to locate them in their quiet surroundings and darkness. However with today’s technology we have leveled that playing field significantly.

First, we start with the “fishing cameras” like GoPro. This was a great way to get a better
view of what was happening under the surface. After a while these type of cameras became
far more sophisticated with more options and features. Today the action cams are used by the angler to view his or her own fishing techniques. By mounting the cameras at various locations that point inside the boat, the fishermen can video himself and uncover flaws in his casting, retrieval and other segments of his fishing day. You know….Kind of like a game film.

Next, the improved drones have made fishing more like a chapter out of a Star Wars trilogy than we would have ever thought a few years ago. Today’s tech minded angler can find fish with the drone’s eye in the sky. It doesn’t scare the fish with water movement or the noise of a loud engine and the speed makes it possible to cover a lot of ground when it comes to scouting. Fishermen are also using the drone technology to ferry and drop bait to schools of fish with a quick release option now available. Let’s not forget drones can make swell videos of us catching that big one. However, remember that drones are illegal in many areas, so make sure to check your regulations.

In the good old days batteries were primarily used to start the boat and bring electricity to
things like the VHF radio, lights and maybe live well, if you had one. Today’s boats are laden with electricity driven features like navigation systems, auto pilot and more. For the inshore fisherman it’s also the GPS controlled trolling motor. It’s a far cry from the trolling motor of yesterday that was manually driven and controlled. Today’s trolling motor is remote controlled with versions that can be controlled by GPS allowing the angler to maintain a position for an extended period of time, making the art of stealthy fishing almost common place. Today’s trolling motors are many times powered by lithium batteries, which are far lighter than the basic boat battery. This technology allows the fishermen to access more shallow water, which opens the door for more fishing options.
As technology continues to improve so will our ability to fish will to. With new innovations
coming out every year we continue to fight the battle to find, hook and catch the fish. But I
swear I think the fish get smarter each and every year!


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