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29 Nov

Next Generation Flounder Gigging System……..Product Review

Many anglers today are looking to expand their approach to experience a different style of fishing. This is especially true when it comes to Flounder fishing. In recent years there has been an increase in Flounder gigging. For centuries, Flounder gigging has been a part of Coastal Carolina fishing scene. In the past, Flounder gigging was largely done by floating the shallow creeks with a shallow water boat and having lights mounted over the side. These lights were powered with extra car or boat batteries that took up a lot of valuable space. Technology has changed that approach and today, we have access to smaller and lighter batteries and lightweight gear, which opens the door to now being able to walk those shallow creeks while Flounder gigging.

One of the greatest examples to the new world of Flounder gigging equipment has been designed and manufactured by Eastern Metal Works, Inc. in Wilmington, NC. Eastern Metal Works, Inc. has a long history of creating various types of commercial and recreational fishing products. They approach each product with an extensive amount of planning, design, and testing which is something that is not always found with similar products. The attention to detail and carefully designed gear places them at the top of the list of manufacturers for Flounder gigging products. Recently, the company has expanded with a new product that targets the retail consumer with a focus on the latest technology in Flounder gigging.

This new generation of Flounder gigging equipment starts with LED lights that provide a brighter and more focused light beam underwater. The LED lights are incredibly energy efficient, which allows the angler more time before they need a battery change. Eastern Metals Works, Inc. offers 1, 2, and 4 bulb versions of their lights, with options that include both children’s and regular, depending on the anglers needs. The light pole is powered by a battery pack that holds 8 AA batteries. The battery pack design makes for simple change outs when you need it most. In addition, the battery pack size allows for the angler to easily carry an additional full charged pack to swap out without being bulky and cumbersome. The gigging light also comes with an adjustable strap which allows the angler to shoulder the light while managing their catch, without having to release the light into the water.

The Eastern Metals Works, Inc. gigging gear has several features that are not found in other Flounder gigging packages. For one, it offers a smaller and easier to use stainless steel walking gig complete with a single spear tip with a stainless barb, which provides greater control of your catch. The newly designed barb prevents the Flounder from escaping while bringing it above water. A convenient stringer is attached to the gig, which enables the angler to slide the catch on to the stringer.

The complete outfit is incredibility light and is easy to store away when you’re finished. I like that it’s easier to use than most gigging packages, and the way that the complete set up has been designed to be both efficient and lightweight. It seems to cover all the bases when it comes to features like the strap, which comes in handy while handling a caught fish. Eastern Metal Works, Inc. provides a well-built product, and their years in the commercial fishing industry is evident in this non-commercial product.

This product is great for both the experienced Flounder gigger or someone just getting into the sport for the first time. It’s ease of use exceeds other products like it and opens doors to a new nighttime fishing experience. It’s about time that the Flounder gigging market saw technology and great design and Eastern Metals Works, Inc. seems to have done just that. So, if you’re a novice Flounder gigger or a veteran in the sport, this walking Flounder gig package is what you’re looking for. It’s easy to use and light years ahead of competitive products.



For More Information Contact: 910-792-1851 

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