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24 Jan

Buying and Using the Right Cast Net

The cast net is an important tool to most fisherman. While plastic and scented baits have gotten more and more popular in recent years, but cast nets are still on nearly every recreational fisherman’s boat. However with recreational fishing growing in popularity many newcomers to the sport aren’t clear on which kind of cast need meets their needs or ability. To clear this up we went to Captain Billy Stokes the tackle manager at Yopp Brothers Marine and Tackle in Sneads Ferry, NC to shed some light on the things you need to know about cast nets.

First, Billy took the time to show me a line of Fitec nets and told me the differences between. But first he told me that many times people purchase the wrong net due to not asking the right questions when shopping for the right net. This means understanding what the primary use for the net actually is as well as the type and size of the bait your trying to catch. That also goes back to the species of fish your targeting. A fishing expert at your tackle shop can help with this but make sure they’re qualified like Billy is to point you in the right direction. Billy not only provides this information for new and returning customers, but he also takes them outside and demonstrates how to best throw the net he recommends.

Many anglers, especially the newer ones avoid buying casting nets for a number of reasons. These reasons include:

  • Fear of throwing a net.
  • Unable to previously throw a cast net.
  • Afraid of asking someone to teach them to throw a cast net.
  • Their results after trying to learn on their own.
  • Over complicating the process.

For those that have put off making a cast part of your fishing arsenal, there are several benefits to consider:

  • Fresh bait at no cost. Fresh bait can be expensive, especially if you fish frequently. Using a cast net is free after the initial purchase.
  • Jump on the boat early in the morning go get the bait before the bait shop opens. This allows you more of the best fishing time of the day.
  • Bait fresh out of the water last longer, especially if you have a live bait well.
  • You can better target the species your fishing for by targeting the bait you’re casting for.
  • You never run out of bait.
  • You learn another part of the sport.

There are multiple types of nets available on the market and they’re all based on the type of bait your searching for and your level of throwing expertise. Things like mesh size and weights as well as the net opening will determine the intended use. Billy recommends that you consult a professional like himself prior to making a purchase. Buying a cast net is a purchase that you probably want to make with your local tackle shop that has a professional like him. Buying online or at a national chain big box store  will probably result in missing the mark of getting the right net for you. Learning to throw a cast is actually easy, when you learn from someone that has experience. And then practice, practice, practice.

For More Info Contact: Yopp Brothers Marine & Tackle: www.yoppbrothersmarine.com

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