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24 Jan

Legends of Saltwater Fishing Academy…..Bringing a New Twist to Fishing Seminars

With scores of fishing seminars and schools taking place across the the Carolina’s each year anglers have many options on their fishing education. These seminars range from free seminars that many fishing clubs provide to the seminars produced by a number of fishing publications. Each provides useful information to area anglers. However, the  Coastal Carolina Fisherman online magazine offers and new twist to an old concept this September.

The Legends of Saltwater Fishing Academy will take place in conjunction with the Wilmington Boat Show on September 6-7 at the Wilmington Convention Center. The event has been in development for nearly 18 months. While the academy provides fishing instruction to multiple levels of anglers expertise, it takes a considerably different approach to other fishing instruction events. This unique approach is based on the input of fellow anglers and experienced fishing instructors and speakers. Here’s a few of the new twist.

  • The classes are all part of an overall curriculum. Rather than a group of speakers speaking on topics that may overlap or have been presented at recent events the Legends classes are carefully created to cover information that cutting edge and based on the vast experience of the Legend speakers.
  • It’s about the speakers. The Legend speakers are just that, Legends. They are the most experienced anglers and presenters in the Carolina’s. Bringing over 200 + years of that experience to the academy. Some are national champion anglers others are guides with unmatched reputations. All are leaders in their field and species.
  • The classes are outlined and  moderated. This eliminates a presentation that lacks preparation or runs off track by the presenter.
  • The learning environment is designed for ultimate learning capability. This means no noise overflow from other speakers or events. A state of the art sound system will be used and all presentations are supported by large screen presentations.
  • Take the class home with you. Each class will be videoed and made available to each attendee for later use and reference.
  • The bonus day (Friday) brings “hands on” and face to face to the table. This up close and personal interaction with the instructors for a more complete learning experience.
  • Broad base of topics. The academy features 24 classes with at total of 12 speakers, instructors and moderators. The classes are divided up each into inshore, nearshore/offshore topics to fit the needs of all anglers

Our goal is to take fishing education to the next level by bringing the fishing community an option that goes beyond the fishing schools of the past. While the Legends of Saltwater Fishing will include door prizes and product samples, the academy has been created and designed to bring the best in fishing knowledge to it’s attendees.


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