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08 May

Mahi Madness From Blue Water Candy Lures……Product Review

The Mahi Madness from Blue Water Candy Lures seems to be a game changer for Mahi fishing. We wanted the perspective on this new rig, so we went to the 2015 SKA Champion, Captain Eris Jones. After hours of using the Mahi Madness, here was his take on the product.

I was impressed with the Mahi Madness for a number of reasons. It was easy to rig and get into trolling position. The fist thing I noticed was the amount of water disturbance created by the teaser that strongly resembles a school of flying fish or other bait. The front part of the rig is a high action teaser that creates a commotion that’s perfect for getting the Mahi’s attention. The back of the teaser has a snap swivel that is connected to 3, 4.5 inch Bluewater Candy squids with 8/0 hooks. The 3rd squid is complete with a Mylar inner skirt that brings additional flash and attention.

I also like the ease of using this rig. I like the fact that dead bait was not required. This rig is also great for small boat anglers that may be using smaller gear thanks to the lighter weight of the rig itself, while still providing the level of water disturbance that is only found in heavier rigs. The rig parts were easy to re-rig in the event of damage while fishing. The entire set up is only 48 inches long with the teaser measuring 12 inches from tip to tip.

I tried the Mahi Madness in multiple trolling positions. I found that running from the shotgun position about 75 to 80 yards behind the boat was effective. I also tried running it short, just off the stern and found the rig still had the same effect and impact. I believe that running the Mahi Madness by itself as a topwater lure is your best bet. However, this may vary depending on conditions and your boat’s size. When the fishing was over, I simply rinsed the rig off with fresh water and placed it back in the mesh lure back for safe storage.

I really like the pink color, but it does come in Green, Blue/Silver, Blue/Pink, Purple/Black. Custom colors are also available.

I think the Mahi Madness is a game changer when it comes to Mahi fishing. It gives the angler everything he needs for successful Mahi fishing. This includes high water disturbance and commotion, teaser and lure combination, ease of use and the elimination of dead bait. I also know that I can trust the Blue Water Candy product to work and stand up to the stress of offshore fishing.

For More Info Contact: www.bluewatercandy.com

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