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13 May

Sea Fox 240 Viper Bay Boat……Boat Test

September 19, 2019

The Sea Fox Viper 240 is a name that comes up in a number of fishing conversations. However, I’ve not seen too many reviews on this popular boat from South Carolina’s Sea Fox. With that in mind, I wanted to see for myself what all this talk is about. First let me say that I’m a true fan of the Bay Boat concept. I believe their place in the fishing landscape is growing, thanks to the wide range of fishing that they participate in. No matter if it’s in a skinny water creek fishing for Redfish or fishing for Mahi 15 miles off the beach, these versatile designs can do it all. The Sea Fox 240 Viper is a great example of that claim.

For those light tackle days, the Viper offers lots of casting space both fore and aft as well as additional space over the forward storage areas along the gunwale. Each storage locker can handle 5 rods each  for safe storage with easy reach. The graduated storage lockers in the forward area make it both easy and safe to move to and from the casting deck without the danger of mis-step. This is particularly helpful for the older (more experience) and larger (less slender) anglers like myself. The aft-deck casting platform converts into flip up bench seats that extends the width of the boat complete with cup holders. The impressive part is that the seat design offers options to raise or lower 1-2 or all 3 seats at any given time, offering under-seat storage. This is great on those days when you want to shift from a day of fishing to a pleasant day on the water with family and friends. Again….options that make this boat more versatile.

I was particularly impressed with the amount of available storage. I found dual compartments in the transom beneath the flip up seats, and another compartment in front of the console with a 5 gallon bucket for improved storage capability. The bow was equipped with large insulted storage areas with port and starboard storage, complete with gas shocks to reduce noise on those days when stealth is part of your fishing plan.

While only scratching the surface of the Sea Fox 240 Viper’s features as well as its bells and whistles, there was more like the Yamaha engine package and the seemingly countless options available. This boat is both beautiful and impressive, but the ride and its handling is what really got my attention.  The day I took a test ride it was windy and sloppy. The Viper stood up to the test. The 15 degree deadrise sliced through the choke without darting from side to side. The ride was remarkably dry even with the sloppy day with more white seas than I would have liked. Inside the inlet the boat handled like a champion by remaining stable on both wide and sharp turns. No sliding even with the 13 inch draft.

Overall, the Sea Fox 240 Viper was able to check off all my boxes. It gave me a great ride by being both comfortable and dry. It also provided all the storage space any angler would need and then some. Most of all I love the fact that the Viper could expand my fishing range from inshore species to the bigger fish waiting offshore depending on conditions. It’s a solid boat and a great choice for the angler looking to move to the next level of fishing. Well done Sea Fox!!!

For More Information Contact: Avalanche Motorsports….(910)399-7060


Centerline Length 24′
Beam 8′ 6″
Bridge Clearance 93″
Dry Weight 2,940 lb
Maximum Weight 4,645 lb
Deadrise 15 degrees
Draft (hull) 13″
Fuel Capacity 76 gal
Persons Capacity 8 people
Total Capacity 1,200 lb
Maximum Horsepower 300 hp
Transom 25″

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