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23 Oct

ZMAN Scented Jerk Shad…….Product Review

November 29, 2019

The ZMAN Scented 4” Jerk Shad is gaining significant momentum in both the freshwater and saltwater fishing environments. The day I tested the product was cold and cloudy along the Carolina Coast. The recent rains and windy conditions had turned the water a coffee brown tint and the previous fishing days had been slow. This made it a challenge for any lure, especially one being tested for a product review. But we went out to give it a fair shot.

The lure comes in numerous colors, but the color I picked for my test was the ZMAN Scented Jerk Shad in the Cajun Croaker. This color choice was due to the poor water clarity at the time.  I placed it on a weedless jig head due to the inconsistent bottom that I would be fishing that day. My plan was to keep the bait near or even on the bottom since I was fishing shallow water. I used a slow retrieve due to the cooler conditions. I found that the bait pulled well and provided a great presentation. However, the real proof is in the results which came rather quickly. In just minutes, I had my first bite of the day with a slot size Redfish. A few hours later, I had my second Redfish take the bait as well. Before the day was over, I had caught and released a 7 pound Flounder using the same ZMAN 4’ Jerk Bait in the Creole Croaker color. It was pretty late in the year for Flounder since most have already moved offshore for the winter. Both Redfish bites were aggressive and somewhat unusual for the cooler water. So, with somewhat of a stacked deck thanks to the time of year and the conditions, I was elated at the results.


I really like the ZMAN ElaZtech material. It makes for much easier rigging and last an incredibly long time. Both benefits making a great savings in time and money. I found that the bait to be more lifelike than most other competitive plastics and did a great job producing a water disturbance like wounded baitfish which is key to competing with live baits. While it’s a great bait for all seasons, it’s an especially good bait for the cooler months due to that water movement and softness of the bait. This was seen today with the Flounder catch. With Flounder working from the back of the bait and up towards the hook, the ZMANJerk Bait’s realistic feel and fools the flat fish into thinking it’s a live bait. Another feature is the colors of the lures. While it is a wide range of colors, it comes in many colors that significantly different than those of other plastics. When you combine the innovation of the ElaZtech material and the wide color range, it sets the ZMAN Scented Jerk Shad the strongest lure in my tackle box today.


Ease of Use : 5 Stars

Quality: 5 Stars

Performance: 5 Stars

Selection: 5 Stars

Product Use Instructions: 4 Stars

Value: 5 Stars


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