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19 Apr

Decline of North Carolina Fishing……..New Website Details Issues and Solutions

December 10, 2019

Last week a North Carolina group released their newly developed website. The North Carolina Coastal Fisheries Reform Group created the website to better inform the fishing public on the current state of the state’s fish stocks and the state’s management of that resource. The group has been working for several months to bring this information to multiple state agencies regarding the growing problem and possible remedies. To this point, the group has found no cooperation from the state.

The website offers large amounts of data that details the trend of North Carolina’s fishery decline over the years and how the state ranks last in most areas of conservation and ultimately fish stocks among east coast and gulf states. The website also provides details of the group’s recommendations to the state for changes in the management of North Carolina’s fishing resource. It includes the consolidation of North Carolina Wildlife and North Carolina Marine Fisheries as well as changes in the licensing and enforcement of the saltwater fishing within the state that will result in remedying the state’s current trend.

This website and the efforts of The North Carolina Coastal Fisheries Reform Group should be considered a blueprint for the state government and recreational and commercial anglers that enjoy our fishing resource and depend on it for their livelihood. It serves a great framework to start the recovery of our fishery and manage it in the future. Please take the time to read it and become involved.

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