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08 May

Sirius Marine Fish Mapping™…….Fish Finding Game Changer

SiriusXM Marine’s new Fish Mapping™ service is powered by Maxar Technologies, an innovator in Earth Intelligence and Space Infrastructure. Fish Mapping™ provides regularly updated, graphical information that links to compatible Garmin multi-function units that are beyond cellular range.

Maxar has provided enhanced oceanographic data and fishing recommendations created by the best oceanographers in the industry to commercial fishermen for over 20 years. Now, with the SiriusXM Marine Fish Mapping™ system anglers can use the same technology that commercial fishermen have only had access to.

Offering premium marine features that identifies areas to find specific game fish, weed lines, sea surface temperatures, sub surface sea temperatures, and the density of plankton  data. Fish Mapping™ was designed for salt-water anglers both competitive and recreational.

Basically, the service allows the angler to not only determine the location of fish, it also provides detailed information on the species. This is determined by scientific factors that are calculated and then sent to the Garmin unit for viewing. The product will be especially effective and popular for top end fishing tournament competitors and then to evolve into the recreational market.

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