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08 May

Sundance X20 Skiff….Boat Review

December 23, 2019

The Sundance DX20 is a welcome member of the bay boat / skiff boat category. At first look, I was impressed with the looks of the boat. It’s solid build with high gunwales and wide beam made my first look impressive.  I also found the fit and finish to be shockingly detailed for a boat of that price range. The craftsmanship could easily compete with the bigger names and more expensive skiffs and bay boats. What I liked most about the boat was the absence of features that would be costly and underused from my perspective. I prefer a functional boat without all the bells and whistles that drive up the price and require additional maintenance. Don’t get me wrong the Sundance DX20 is not a watered down skiff. It offers a lot more.

Once on the water the next thing I was impressed with was the stability. Standing on the bow and the gunwale was not a problem the Sundance DX20 didn’t dip or shift and that’s an accomplish with a guy my size. The boat handles well. Since it is a skiff, there is a bit of stern slide in the turns. It’s a feeling I remember from my boats from years past and the feeling was actually both familiar and welcoming. If there is any issue it would have to be boat taking a head sea. It’s a little bumpy in rougher conditions but I feel it’s a fair compromise with the great features like the stability and overwhelming deck space as well as the 6” draft. Come on, no boat has it all. The boat has removable cushions for the days with the family that can be removed when I’m out fishing with the guys. A number or the Sundance DX20 specs are all about the light tackle fishing purest. It gives you the freedom to head up the skinniest creek with its 6” draft and 23” freeboard for those days you want to head out the inlet for those King Mackerel just off the beach.

The weight is lighter than most skiffs in its class which makes it possible to easily trailer the Sundance DX20 with a smaller vehicle like a mid-size  SUV, most crossovers and a basic jeep. I really like the practicality of the boat. It covers many aspects of fun on the water.  It can fish the creeks and flats with your buddies, spend a day fishing offshore or enjoying family time. Best part I can do it all without cleaning my bank account thanks to the fuel economy and the price of the boat itself. As an angler, it has all you need and nothing you don’t need. It’s also great for the angler, that looking for that easy first boat experience. The Yamaha engine options brings dependability to table along with fuel economy. It’s a solid package and all at an easy to manage price tag.


Length 19’10”
Beam 94″
Fuel Capacity (Approx.) 24 Gallons
Maximum H.P. 140
Recommended H.P. 115
Draft 6″
Cockpit Freeboard 23″
Floor Width 76″
Dead Rise 0 (Deg)
Max. Persons 8
Max. Person Capacity 1,160 lbs.
Max. Total Capacity 1,942 lbs.
Transom Height 25″
Model Dry Weight 1,575

For More Information Contact: Avalanche Motorsports: 910.399.7060


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