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14 Aug

WRAL Questions NC Marine Fisheries On Use of Fishing License Fees

December 23, 2019

North Carolina recreational anglers question use of funds derived from fishing license fees. The question was recently raised on a WRAL TV interview that questioned why funds from obtained by fishing license fees were being used for other purpose other than their intended and specified use. The investigation by the Raleigh, NC TV station posed questions to the embattled agency that is already under pressure from anglers for significant decline of the state’s fishing stocks in recent years that has lead to unpopular fishing season closings and cutbacks to certain species limits.

While the Marine Fisheries did respond to the WRAL question, the response seemed to conflict with the guidelines set forth by the North Carolina legislature that voted in the bill that created the licensing fee. The legislative bill requires that funds raised by the license fees go to conservation and the development of the fishing resource, instead funds have gone to other areas of the Marine Fisheries as well as salaries.

Video and Images courtesy of WRAL




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