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23 Apr

Angler of the Month…….Hal Berry (Hal of a Good Time)

Coastal Carolina fishermen come in many sizes and shapes. The same is true when it comes to personalities and their outlook on life itself. This month’s Coastal Carolina Fisherman Angler of the Month is Hal Berry of Charleston, SC, and is certainly no exception.

Hal Fishing For Marlin With Brother Chip

Hal works for Charleston’s Caterpillar location and has for a number of years. He comes from a family of fishing and boating enthusiasts. His father brought up Hal and his 2 brothers to be avid offshore fishermen. Years ago he served as the deckhand and mate on his brother Chip’s 42′ Hatteras charter fishing boat. Hal brought both great eye sight and humor to the boat by being able to instantly spot the large fish hitting the bait and then always shouting….”there comes that SOB!” He still fishes today with his brother Chip, but now they fish in Hal’s 15′ Triton that’s fully equipped. The boat is aptly named “Hal of a Good Time”. It’s not uncommon to see Hal and Chip on the Waccamaw River, near Murrells Inlet, SC, fishing and just enjoying their time on the water. Those that also fish the Waccamaw will surely know Hal and his infectious smile and enthusiastic wave. It’s been said that Hal knows more people on the Waccamaw River than the Game Warden.

Hal’s love of life has never been slowed by the fact that he has special needs. He lives every day with passion and joy and it shows. As a matter of fact, Hal sets an example that we should all follow. Daily he moves past his challenges to work hard and face life with happiness and adventure. He’s a loyal brother and son and is seen as an inspiration to the Berry family. Best of all, Hal lives and enjoys every day with a positive outlook that most of us don’t have.

Hal Celebrating USC Football Win With Brother Chip

So if you’re ever on the Waccamaw River down near Murrells Inlet, SC, and you see a tricked out Triton boat with a fellow waving at you, that would be Hal. Give him a wave! And, if you’re having trouble spotting the fish, ask him to help. Word on the water is that he can spot those SOB’s like nobody’s business.

The Carolina Coast and the world is a better place because of him. After all, he’s “Hal of a Good Time.”



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