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13 Aug

Blue Water Candy Lures Introduces New Website

Tackle manufacturer, Blue Water Candy Lures, recently rolled out their new state of the art website designed to further improve the company’s customer experience. The website was developed by Wilmington, North Carolina’s, Impact Media Solutions. Impact Media has also created websites for other well-known marine industry firms such as Thunderbolt Marine of Savannah Georgia and Seahawk Bottom Paints of Clearwater, Florida.

Blue Water Candy’s new website features images and information on the many products the company provides for both inshore and offshore anglers. The large and descriptive images give the visitor a keen perspective of the Blue Water Candy line of lures, dredges, teasers, and apparel with the associated pricing. By “clicking” onto the lure image, the angler can then obtain detailed information on the lure’s weight, dimension, color, and hook options as well as related product suggestions. The products are segmented in order of type and use that allows the viewer to quickly locate the item they are looking for without having to scan the entire website. They can also take advantage of the search option at the top of most of the pages. The website also includes online shopping that has been designed with the priority of being easy to use.

If the angler wishes to see the lure or Blue Water Candy product, they can simply go to the “Find A Dealer” page, type in their zip code and click. This option will then provide the name, address and distance to the nearest tackle dealer. This is a great option in the event the angler is fishing out of town and seeking a specific lure in a short period of time.

In today’s world of growing technology use and online shopping, the Blue Water Candy Lures’ website is a great option. With the development of this site, they invested in the future. A future that brings a more savvy fisherman and buyer. As the fishing industry becomes more competitive, they have set the standard for improved customer service and product branding. Today, it’s clear they’re ahead of the technology curve which has always been their goal and focus. A website of this caliber represents another big step for a company that started at the family kitchen table and continued to bring the fishing public what they want while staying in touch with those most appreciated customers.

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