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30 Nov

Bubba Blades Folding Fillet Knife……Review

For a few years now I’ve been seeing the presence of the Bubba Blades line becoming more prominent in tackle shops along the Carolina’s.  Between the humorous name and the bright red handles, they have been hard to miss. So recently I reached out to Bubba Blades and asked for a sample of their product to check them out and do a product review. I was sent a few options but found I was particularly interested in their 7″ tapered folding flex knife.  After opening it, I had to spend the next several minutes looking at all aspects of this impressive knife.

The first interesting thing was the folding feature. This has so many benefits for anglers of all types. The ability to fold the knife like a pocket knife allows fishermen to carry the knife in their pocket or the sheath that is included with the purchase. This allows the angler to carry the knife more safely and easily when on the boat or leaving the boat.I love the non-stick surface of the blade that fillets the fish with smoother motion and with minimum damage to the fish when cleaning. The blade is resistant to rust, stains, and corrosion as well as discoloration thanks to the titanium bonded, carbon steel construction. I spoke with friends that are Bubba Blade owners which had great things to say about the knives. Unanimously, it was mentioned how the blade holds an edge.

The second thing that I was impressed with is the handle or grip configuration and design. It was clear that Bubba Blades had thought this out. The grip is made of themo-plastic and covered with anti-slip rubber making it one of the most comfortable knife handles I had ever used. It made handling this sharp knife easy and safe which is a key concern with a blade this sharp. To enhance the handling, the well designed finger and thumb grips, appropriately placed, allowed for a far more stable grip, making for improved handling and an improved cut.

I have to give Bubba Blades credit, they really had the pulse of the fisherman in mind when they created and design the 7” folding blade knife. It’s versatile, easy to use and one of the best knives, if not the best knife I’ve ever used. It’s made up of a combination of terrific innovations that make for a great knife. The pricing is shocking.


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