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21 Oct

Dispatches From Patagonia….Carolina Angler Fishes Argentina Glaciers

While the Carolinas offer some of the greatest fishing that America has to offer. Many anglers enjoy fishing locations all over the country as they pursue their “Bucket List”. Today, many Carolina fishermen are traveling to fishing spots to other parts of the world fill that angling “Bucket List”. Recently, Captain Joel of Charleston, South Carolina’s, Redfin Charters and a small group of friends headed down to Argentina for the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Joel and his group headed down to El Calafate in Patagonia, Argentina. After a few flight connections and boat ride, they finally arrived at Estancia Cristina. Accessible only by boat on Lake Argentina.  Estancia Cristina stands on an exclusive and privileged setting in the Argentine Patagonia. The region’s filled with countless turquoise-colored glaciers that provide the perfect environment for the precious King Salmon.

Fishing in this fantastic setting nearly always requires an extensive boat ride and then a hike to the preferred fishing spot. Joel and his fellow anglers were broken up to small groups of 3 plus their guide. This was  due to the fact that the national park would only issue 6 fishing licenses per week. How’s that for conservation? The water is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but it’s also cold. This combined with the frequent windy conditions, making the fishing environment somewhat challenging for even the most experienced angler. Even with all these hurdles, it’s all worth it thanks to the scenic surroundings and world-class fishing.

Speaking of fishing. Joel and friends spent there 7 days of fishing catching King Salmon up to 30 pounds in size. They fished a combination of spinning gear and fly fishing gear depending on the weather conditions. The more windy days required them to resort to the spinning reels due to the wind impacting their casting with the fly rods. Even with the many long hikes and cold conditions, the days were filled with great fishing in a place that every angler would like to visit. It was a place that was seemingly untouched except for a few footprints left behind by those fortunate enough to visit. It was a far cry from the sandy and warm setting that Joel and his friends call home in the Carolinas.

In addition to the great fishing, accommodations, and especially the food was breathtaking. The group was served traditional dishes that included plenty of….you guessed it, beef. The accommodations at Estancia Cristina featured rooms with spectacular views of the Patagonia mountains and landscape complete with the native hares or rabbits to us Carolinians. This nearly untouched part of the world is filled with beautiful scenery, people, and traditions. It’s one of the few places on earth that remains pristine and free of pollution and the scares that only humans can create. It’s a trip that Joel and his friends will remember forever and likely return to in the years to come. It’s a trip that will surely be etched in their minds for the rest of their lives.



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