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22 Sep

BUBBA BLADES…..Product Review

For those of you that have never used or owned a BUBBA BLADE, this is a review you may want to pay attention to. I won’t bore you with a lot of technical jargon and the compound of the blade and aspects of the BUBBA product. I will however give you my impression of the product itself.

I had seen the BUBBA BLADES in my area tackle shop for a few years and wondered what they were all about, but never took the time to try them. Then one day I received an email from their public relations agency offering to send me a few of the knives to try and provide a product review for the Coastal Carolina Fisherman website. Now, who could refuse that offer? So I agreed and a few weeks later the package with the knives appeared at my door. The package included a neat bright red case with an array of 4 BUBBA knives secured inside. The first thing I noticed was that only one knife had a handle. That’s because each blade interchanges with the single handle. I guess the logic is, why have 4 handles when you only really need one. The set includes a 7″ tapered flex, 8″ ultra flex, 9″ serrated, and a 9″ stiff. All you have to do to change the blade is to squeeze the button on the non-slip handle and slide the blade out of the handle and slide in the next one. Simple, simple, simple!

Using these knives is a whole new experience.  My first try was with a nice piece of Mahi. My old fillet knife left me unable to make a clear cut along the skin and wasting lots of precious meat. The BUBBA glided through and separated the skin with ease. The only thing I had to adjust to was the sharpness of the blade because it would slice right through not only the meat, but also the skin. Once I adjusted the angle of the cut it was perfect. Next, I tried it out on steaks by making paper-thin slices for sandwiches, or thicker slices to serve instead of serving the steaks whole. Again, the BUBBA BLADE went straight through the meat without me having to saw at the steak. It was actually like slicing through warm butter. Now, it’s important to understand that in our home we commonly have always had sharp knives thanks to my wife who once sharpened knives as a side business. With that said, I’ve not had a knife as sharp as a BUBBA.

The great part about the set is they varied in size and shape of the blades. There’s rarely a time when you will ever have a need that the BUBBA BLADES in this set can’t handle. The puncture-resistant inner lining of the case safely stores the knives protecting them from banging together and dulling the blades. It also protects you from a cut from reaching for your knife in a crowded drawer.

BUBBA BLADES come in a bright red case that favors a gator skin. The name does anything but reflect the glamour and the big price of other knives. Don’t be mislead. These are great knives combined with a useful and practical concept. My only regret is not seeing that years ago when I walked past them in the store.

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