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08 May

Chum and Get It……Chumming For Redfish

Chumming is not a tactic we commonly think of when we are fishing for Red Drum. The fact is, this can be a great strategy when it comes to fishing for those giant Redfish that we find this time year beginning to appear in the rivers and estuaries of the Carolinas.

You’ll find that the big Redfish can many time become more aggressive when drawn to chum. It’s kind of like smelling that steak on your neighbor’s grill that forces you to go over to his fence to say hello. This is especially good for the bigger fish since they commonly travel in smaller groups and need a bit more encouragement to come out and play. With the heat of summer and early fall, this is a great way to stimulate action among the big bulls.

First, you want to find yourself a narrow creek or larger creek with a small island or 2. Quietly anchor your boat up current and let the chum drift back to the place Redfish like to feed. The narrow area of water movement between the islands and the banks work to contain your chum and your area of attack. Make sure the water is somewhat shallow and start casting. If you pick the right spot, you’ll find that you can catch several Reds without moving your boat. They’ll follow the chum line and come to you rather than you having to constantly drift to find them.

For your chum, just cut up some live bait or dead shrimp or pieces of crab. Your area will become more popular to the Reds than a free “all you can eat ” buffet on a Friday night.



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