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08 Aug

Sea Tow Wrightsville Beach, NC Captain Saves Drowning Diver

Sea Tow Captains have duties that range from towing disabled boats and un-grounding grounded vessels to simply jump starting a boat with a dead battery. However, each Sea Tow Captain and other on-water first responders are poised to respond to extreme circumstances. One of those events occurred on Sunday at 4:30 pm when a passing boater flagged down Captain Scott Collins of Sea Tow Wrightsville Beach, NC. The boater reported to Collins that a diver was floating face down in the water near the Wrightsville Beach bridge.

Rushing to the scene, Collins found 29 year-old Daniel Fisher unconscious in the crowded waterway. Foster is an experienced diver who was spearfishing moments before the incident. Once on the scene, Collin’s first challenge was to remove Fisher from the waterway and the busy boat traffic and get him to the safety of the Sea Tow boat.  He was able to administer CPR until EMS arrived. During the time before the arrival of EMS, Collins became concerned that Fisher would not make it. His vital signs were unresponsive and time was running out. After a few minutes of continued CPR Fisher began to show signs of life as he started breathing on his own.

Captain Collins has over 23 years of combined experience in the United States Coast Guard and with Sea Tow. He had encountered numerous recuse events, but not with the extreme urgency of this one. It’s an event that he is quick to say he will always remember.

Following the event, Fisher was rushed to a local hospital where he continues to improve.

So, the next time you see a yellow tow boat on the water, remember that they do far more than tow your boat or jump-start your boat battery. The person driving that yellow boat may save your life one day.

Thanks, Captain Collins for being there and being ready!

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