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08 May

The Decline of North Carolina Fishing……Where Do They Stand?

Now that the Covid 19 pandemic is for at least the “new normal”, we in some ways have learned to deal with the issues that come with it. That being said, I feel it’s time to again address the significant issues regarding the decline and mismanagement of our North Carolina fishing resource. Over the winter, spring, and summer months we have not seen or heard of any movement from North Carolina officials on the topic. The “Let Them Spawn” bill has not moved in the legislature in over 12 months and our state’s recreational anglers have been granted a mere 45 days of flounder fishing. However election day is only a few months away.

As a result, on Saturday, August 1 we will be sending a letter to each member of the North Carolina’s legislature. That letter will explain 3 key issues that are impacting the state’s fishing resource. In that letter we ask each member to state their position on all 3 issues and return their responses to our office within 10 days. The same letter will be sent to the North Carolina’s Governor and Lieutenant Governor for their positions as well. Once received, we will post their responses on the Coastal Carolina Fisherman website no later than August 15, 2020.

We have also reached out to Stephen Murphy, director of North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries, and invited him to appear on our video podcast. We have not yet received a response. We will offer the same invitation to Governor Cooper and Lieutenant Governor Forest.

Coastal Carolina Fisherman e-Magazine has also created a website (Restore Coastal NC Fishing) where the same information will be posted as well as other information regarding updates on the issue.

It is our commitment to pursue this issue until a positive solution for the North Carolina recreation and commercial fisherman is found.

The letter and a link to the “Restore Coastal NC Fishing” website can be found below.

Best Regards

Captain Tim Wilson



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