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24 Jun

Trolling For Redfish…….A Slow Day Alternative

With the warmer water temps still with us for a while, the Redfish can become lethargic when it comes to feeding. They will tend to feed in short bursts with no rhyme or reason to the sudden bite and then shut off again. Trolling during those off times is a way you can take advantage of the “off-time” with a new strategy that many times will produce strikes.

Trolling for Redfish is somewhat unconventional and pretty much unused along the Carolina coast. However, trolling covers water faster and is a good way to change things up on a slow day. When you combine that with throwing out some cut up bait for chum, you may turn up a small school of reds. Trolling with natural baits is especially deadly when Redfish are scattered and lethargic due to warmer weather. In many cases, a moving bait is the most natural thing to Redfish. Mullet, menhaden, mud minnows, and pinfish make for good bait choices when trolling.

Live baits hooked through both lips (from the bottom up) or through both nostrils is the best tactic when it comes to trolling. This may vary depending on the species.

The most effective presentation includes avoiding weights and floats with this tactic. However, you may want to add a small amount of weight in the form of a split shot, especially if you’re trolling in fast or deeper water or even shallow water over grass or rocks. Remember to troll slowly. Even using a trolling motor can be a good tactic and easier to maneuver around structure and the grassy edges were Redfish commonly feed.


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