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08 Aug

Satellite Fishing Forecast Now Available For Inshore and Nearshore Anglers

November 13, 2020

With the increased pressure on inshore fishing in recent years, a growing number of anglers have begun looking at other options when it comes to fishing locations. These small boat fishermen have started to gravitate out the inlets and work their way further and further offshore in search of less pressured and crowded fishing grounds. With that transition, they have found not only improved access to more fish but also access to fishing tools that up until now have only been used by the bigger boat anglers. At the top of that list is the ROFFS™ recreational fishing analysis. ROFFS™ is well known for its scientific offshore analysis that pinpoints the fishing hotspots.

Recently the company has developed a version specifically for the inshore anglers in addition to the offshore version. The analysis provides information on bottom structure, currents, and water mass boundaries. ROFFS™ has recently joined forces with well known Fathom Science™ to also include cloud-free forecasting on water temperature and ocean color chlorophyll for next day fishing, bringing the same level of technology that is used by meteorologists, thus placing their combined product a cutting edge option in the world of nearshore and offshore fishing.

This forecasting option enables small boat anglers to access significant fishing data beginning at just 5 miles off the beach and beyond. It opens up possibilities of new species such as Sailfish, Mahi, and Cobia while extending the fishing range for King Mackerel. It’s also proven to be a great tool for the smaller boat angler that seeks the giant Bluefins off the Carolina Coast.

Courtesy of Mount Maker Charters

ROFFS™ rate structure has been adjusted for the inshore version to enable the product to be affordable for the nearshore anglers with multiple options. Combining the affordability with the many benefits can increase the productivity for the angler while lowering the overall fishing costs. It remains to be seen to what level today’s nearshore angler will embrace this product like other fishing technologies. Recreational fishing experts believe it will prove to be a game-changer like braid line and other innovations. It opens up a whole new world to a segment of saltwater fishing that has been facing increased fishing pressure and higher on-water traffic. It allows anglers that have made a lower investment in boats and gear to successfully fish in places they have never fished before. It also levels the playing field with the larger and more expensive sportfishing boats, enabling them to now fish with the big boys.

For More Information Contact ROFFS™: www.roffs.com

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