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Avoiding Wind Knots

February 24, 2021

What is a Wind knot???  In my opinion it’s that evil thing that shows up when the bite is on fire!   Or it shows up on a day when everything seems have gone wrong; it’s the nail in the coffin for you to call it a day and go home!   If you use braid than you’ve been there and as a full time fishing guide, well let me tell you!!!  Good news since I’m on the water 200 plus days a year I’ve gotten pretty good at “controlling” wind knots.  Now I’ll tell you this doesn’t mean I don’t get wind knots, but I have figured out a few things that really help slow the amount of wind knots my customers get.   And stop them before they (wind knots) get to bad.

-Never fill a spinning reel to the max, especially with braid. I like to leave even a little spool lip showing.  Keep in mind the great thing about braid is even if the spool is not total full, braid still cast well.

-Always close the bail with your hand, not by turning the handle to close the bail.  Why you ask?  When you turn the handle to close the bail you get a little bit of slack line on the spool.  This happens because the arbor of the reel spins about a half of a turn to close the bail.  The line it picks up on the spool during this process is slack line.  After twenty plus cast or so all of that extra slack line comes off the spool as you guessed it a Wind Knot!  This is something I watch happen as a fishing guide all the time.  I have always closed the bail with my hand, but a lot of my customers did not.  Often my customers were getting wind knots when I was not, even casting the same rod, reels and lures.

– On windy days you must take extra percolations when it comes to wind knots!  If you’re casting lures, especially lighter ones (I see this a lot while Speckled trout fishing) keep an eye on your spool.  If you see any loose, slack or a piece of line over the lip of your spool; stop and take the time to get it out of the spool.  If you don’t you’ve got a wind knot a coming!  Be extra careful when casting into the wind, this really helps create winds knots.  I try my best to get my customers so they can cast side to the wind if at all possible.  Obviously I understand this is not always possible.

-Last but definitely not least, I have seen that new braid (fresh out of the box) especially lighter test line (ten pound or lighter).  Has a tendency to get more wind knots, I have a rule on my boat; I never hand a customer a lighter rod & reel setup with fresh (new) braid.  I try to use the combo first to break in the braid some.  I will even tie a one ounce sinker on the rod, cast out ten plus times and reel it in as fast as I can to “break in” the braid some.

-When you do get a wind knot, never pull on the main line.  Pull lightly on the loop or loops of the wind knot to get it out (hopefully)!  If you pull on the main typically the knot will get tighter and not come out.

When it all comes down to it nothing will stop the dreaded wind knot, but hopefully some of these tips will help you have less of them!  Hey, one less wind knot a day can make a difference, Trust Me!

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