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13 May

New Weekly Fishing Projection Coming March 4th, 2021

February 17, 2021

Coastal Carolina Fisherman e-Magazine is proud to announce that coming March 4th Coastal Carolina anglers will have access to the latest and most detailed fishing analytics and projections available. The Forecast, is a weekly video report with predictions on the locations and species of fish inshore, offshore and nearshore of the Carolinas for the coming week. This information is based on a combination of scientific analysis from satellite imagery that determines water temperatures, content and movement, combined with migration trends and histories of inshore, nearshore and offshore species. The weekly video presentation will be the hosted by Coastal Carolina Fisherman e-Magazine founder, Tim Wilson and co-hosted by Captain Chip Berry of Maps Unique and Nav-Unique.

Each forecast will include the key factors that will project prime fishing locations and the species that can be found there in the coming days. This information will be far more effective than tradition fishing reports that can be inconsistent, outdated and only addressed past bite information. The Forecast provides a forward look at the fishing to come.

The Forecast will be available on the Coastal Carolina Fisherman website each Thursday, making it easy to access via any mobile device. The Information will be segmented into 3 different areas with 2 along the North Carolina Coast from Virginia to Cape Lookout and from Cape Lookout to Little River, SC and the third from Little River, SC to Hilton Head.

Technical support is provided by ROFFS™ , the well known satellite imagery firm that  provides data to the recreational and commercial fishing industry.  ROFFS™ is working hand and hand with the creators of The Forecast to provide the most extensive fishing information possible.

Make sure you don’t miss the first “Forecast” on March 4, 2021. I will change the way you fish forever.

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