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19 Apr

Decline of the North Carolina Fishing Resource…..The Fault Today and the Only Solution Left

As the 2021 fishing season starts to kick off that North Carolina Flounder anglers will again find even more aggressive limitations this year. Again this, the Flounder fishing season will be limited to 45 days. The bag limit has now been reduced to 4 fish per person per day. This is poses a serious question on the methodology of this decision. With the state’s fishermen being restricted to only 45 days of Flounder fishing last year resulting in recovery numbers in 2020 falling far short of the North Carolina Marine Fishery Commission’s goals. Thus, proving that the strict regulations on recreational fishermen had little impact on the recovery of the Southern Flounder fishery.

The Fault Today

First and foremost. The fault does lie with the commercial fishermen of North Carolina. It is their fishery that is rapidly eroding too. The state has many commercial anglers that work hard every day to earn a living and operate within the guidelines set forth. They’re part of a great North Carolina heritage and deserve better than they’re getting. Please don’t associate them with those that willfully break the laws, circumvent the regulations and throw conservation out the window just as those recreational fisherman that too often do the same. Each segment has its own group of bad apples.

We cast blame at the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries all day long, but that will only result in more of what we have already gotten, which is a declining resource with no real solution in sight. Compounded by more public meetings that result no real change from the status quo.

We can blame the state government of North Carolina. They already proven they have and will continue to be unresponsive in seeking a solution

Today, we need to blame ourselves. We, the estimate 2 million people that fish the waters of North Carolina are to blame. We constantly complain about this issue face to face, in groups and most of all on social media and NEVER do anything beyond that. Most of us never take the time to contact our legislature and demand their attention and response. We continue to not hold a Governor accountable. Instead we as a state, re-elect him. It’s time we stopped complaining and take actual action. This is where we find out how many North Carolina anglers are truly committed to our sport and livelihoods.  Most of us are passionate about seeing the fishery restored. We need to put that passion into action.

The Solution

Banning together as a united voice with a single mission…..Restore NC Fishing! Organizing the more than 2 million North Anglers as that unified voice to demand an initiative to restore our once great resource. How do we do that?

  • Create a focal point for all North Carolina anglers, both saltwater and freshwater, recreational and commercial that pursues restoration and conservation.
  • Allow a simple and uncomplicated way for North Carolina anglers voice to be heard on a consistent basis with a consistent and unified message.
  • Combining the efforts and resources of organizations that share the same views and goals that also present a unified message.
  • Keeping the North Carolina anglers informed of recent changes, improvements and fishing resource concerns.

This concept is in the process of development at this time. In the coming weeks you will begin to see the campaign begin to unfold. And your participation is GREATLY needed. Your can start by providing your email address. In the days to come we will be provide details on how you can be a part of this important effort. Please feel free to email me with any questions.


Let’s unite to save our fishing resource. We’re 2 million strong!

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