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14 May

Essential Tips and Techniques for Fishing and Boating

Successful anglers develop second-nature instincts, and constantly add to their knowledge through experience and time on the water. We all have to start somewhere assembling this bag of tricks, and some of us even benefit from a reminder from time to time.

The most successful live-bait fishermen make that livey a partner in the enterprise. When bottomfishing, the sliding sinker or fish-finder rig is a time-honored favorite because it allows predators to seize the bait and carry it off without feeling immediate resistance from the line. The same characteristic allows a lively bait to move about freely. Hooked near the bottom of the tail, the bait will swim up toward the surface, where it wants to be. This creates the most life like presentation, and vibrations from the struggle alert nearby predators that lunch is served.

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