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02 Oct

Offshore Trolling Motors…..Bottom Fishing Game Changer

With increased pressure on inshore fishing, bottom fishing has increased in popularity in recent years. This increase has also been in tandem with the developments in the trolling motor over the past few years. Today’s more advanced trolling motors are now being made for bigger boats and boats more frequently used offshore. These advancements also include a “spot lock” feature that allows the trolling motor to hold the boat in a nearly exact location for an extended period of time which revolutionizes bottom fishing considerably.

Using the “flying anchor” method can be both cumbersome and dangerous. Risking an anchor line becoming tangled in the propeller or shaft can result in disaster which goes away with the use of the trolling motor. It reduces the cost of anchor losses due to becoming hung in the structure below. It also lessens the “bumper car” effect with boats trying to anchor over bait and structure only to drift into each other, tangle lines, or cross anchor lines. The new offshore trolling motors also reduce damage to the ocean’s bottom.

The offshore trolling motor is another reminder that technology is playing an important part in fishing. With this innovation, we also have more benefits like the ability to slowly troll over large structures as well as near those active structures where the larger predatory fish post to attack their smaller prey. Other benefits include being able to make slight position adjustments without the hassle of raising the anchor. Setting the motor for a slow drift while catching bait and being exact when it comes to wreck fishing is another feature of the latest trolling motor. The list goes on and on.

Minn Kota seems to be the leader in this changing area of offshore bottom fishing. The most recent models have seen a significant 96-pound thrust and shaft length of 96 inches. This is unlike their predecessors which were mostly versions of freshwater trolling motors. Anglers can expect a 4-6 month waiting time for the latest models. Retail prices are in the range of about $3499.00.

It is expected that the technology of trolling will continue and the best is yet to come. We’re seeing significant growth and improvement in lithium batteries that are a fraction of the weight of conventional batteries. We also see innovations in the remote controls of trolling motors that offer greater control and increased features.

In short, the offshore trolling motor is one of the biggest changes in saltwater fishing for the past several years. It’s a real “game-changer.”

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