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24 Jun

The Berkley Translucent Gulp Shrimp…..Gear and Tackle Review

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Berkley Gulp had a new product hitting the tackle market. I hadn’t heard much about the details or seen it in any of the tackle shops that I visited. So, I was glad to hear that I had been given the task of doing a product review on the new lure. Here’s what I found.

A few days ago I hit the water to do a bit of light tackle fishing that would give me a chance to try the new Berkley Translucent Gulp Shrimp. So, once on the water, I broke open the package of pick-colored baits and rigged one on a ¼ ounce jig head. I gave it cast, gave a few short pops, and retrieved to the back to the boat. I cast it again just a few feet away from the original cast and again popped it a few times. About then I got a strong hit. It was what felt like a big Redfish. When I got it to the boat, I landed a beautiful 23-inch Redfish.

My thought was how impressive the new Gulp shrimp was at first use. The iridescent color was something I had never seen before. It somewhat changed colors once in the water, also it seemed to shimmer underwater.  The scent was much improved over the other Berkley products I had used. I found the bait to track well on the retrieve and seemed to have a bit more wiggle action than most plastics.

As we continued to fish, I had a few more, what appear to be Redfish bites, but nothing to the boat. However, I did have a great Flounder bite on the same lure proving that Berkley Translucent Gulp Shrimp was a multi-species lure.

Overall, I found the Berkley Translucent Gulp Shrimp to far exceed my expectations. It was both effective and innovative and seemed to have a different approach to the common lure. The translucent aspect is a game-changer in regards to the impact of the fish attraction. The color options will cover both clear and dark water nicely. It was durable and held up after multiple bites. I was also impressed that the slightly used bait could easily be removed and returned to the package for future use, not having to cut it off the hook like numerous other baits.

This is the real deal and should certainly be the leading scented plastic in the weeks and months to come. Home Rum Berkley.

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